Ten days later

Ten days after the I V20 Europe Gathering:

  • Feedback regarding the event has been gathered and is being answered. We aim to answer all e-mails by the end of this week.
  • The general feel is that participants are happy and would like to have more events like this.
  • Local fan communities from different countries (Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy, et cetera) have expressed their interest on organizing a similar event with the backing of V20 Europe.
  • We have released the White Wolf videos that were recorded in exclusive for V20 Europe. You can find them on V20 Europe channel on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/V20Europe. There are some more videos to be released, like the ones from the burlesque performer Aurora Galore. So stay tuned!
  • We will release the pictures of the event soon.
    Note: Four attendees still need to answer as to the release to the public or not of the pictures they are in.
  • We are also receiving write-ups from the players featuring their characters’ stories in the LARP and they will be published soon so that players can get the big picture of what happened during the game session and so that the people that did not participate can have a grasp of what they missed and see if they would be interested in participating in future LARPs.
    If you attended the game and wish to contribute to this initiative, please send your write-up to: info (at) v20-europe (dot) com.
  • We have a project to translate the videos from White Wolf that were released at the “Night at the Succubus Club”. We need translators from English into different European languages. If you wish to volunteer, please write to: info (at) v20-europe (dot) com.

Nosferatu Meeting in Antwerp

Feel free to participate and/or volunteer for any of the projects that we are planning to carry out after all the I V20 Europe Gathering tasks are over:

  • A new website with forums and other social features where sharing experiences and opinions is easier than it is now.
  • A video podcast.
  • Talks and meetings using Google+ Hangouts or some other tool that allows us to gather altogether in without having to travel every time.
  • The organization of the next event. Date and place to be determined.

So… Where are the V20 books?

White Wolf has had a delay with the V20 shippings because they find themselves short-handed after the unfortunate Black Wednesday 2011: http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Wednesday. Sadly, two thirds of the workers at White Wolf headquarters in Atlanta were made redundant in 19th October.

This staff reorganization was the result of CCP new policy regarding the development of its products: http://www.ccpgames.com/en/public-relations/press-releases/article/2990/ccp-focuses-on-the-eve-universe. CCP had made a major mistake with the company’s flag ship (read apology letter from CCP CEO), EVE Online. The players’ feedback had been extremely bad and CCP executives decided to take extreme measures to solve the situation.

On the 9th November when we still had no official information from CCP/WW, Shane DeFreest took the time to inform the different groups that had ordered the V20 in bulk despite the fact that he was not working for CCP/WW any more. See below his message as to the shipping of the V20 bulk orders:

“My apologies for the delay in getting this information to you but as you know things are a bit chaotic at CCP of late. I wanted to let you know that the international bulk orders will get shipped out after all the normal orders. […] When I […] asked about this last week I was told most likely around the end of the month or early December. I apologize for the delay in getting the books sent out but I did want to do my best to keep you informed.

Thanks for your continued patience with this. CCP will get the books out to you it’s just taking a little longer than anyone initially realized.”

Additionally, we received this message from White Wolf: “We are currently working out the logistics. With Shane and a few others gone, we are trying to re-configure the shipping and how and when to ship with our warehouse.” and where informed that bulk orders would get shipped after the individual orders.

As far as we know, there are very few people working at the White Wolf warehouse right now because of the redundancies, which has obviously delayed the V20 shippings a lot. Let’s not mention how emotionally shaken they still must be feeling after losing most of their co-workers.

We have not been informed of the shipping being made as of yet, but we believe it will not take much longer.

Will the V20 books reach your hands before Christmas? If the books were shipped next Monday 5th December we would still have a chance for that to happen. We regret not having any more specific information on that regard. It is a counter clock race right now.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences and hope you understand this is an extreme and unforeseeable situation.

Are you new to LARPs?

Apparently, we have quite a few fans that have not still decided whether they would like to participate in the Antwerp LARP or not because they have not played any LARP before. Instead of just writing e-mails, I would like to post this here in case it helps somebody that has not contacted us.

The LARP we are organizing for the I V20 Europe Gathering is intended for both veterans in LARPs and people that have never participated in one.

The good thing about LARPs is that you get to play with more people than in a tabletop game. This helps to create a sense and feel of community more quickly and us VtM/WoD European fans need that quite a lot, as there is not a strong VtM/WoD international community established in Europe.

The thing most of new LARPers find a problem with is dressing up. In our LARPs case, dressing up is encouraged but it is not compulsory at all. Please, do not let this prevent you from participating and playing with us.

Bear in mind there are a character concepts that should be dressed as the guy next door. Additionally, if you need any ideas for a given Clan/concept, you can ask here. Asking other people for ideas for a LARP outfit is usual –no matter if you are a veteran or not– and those conversations tend to be lots of fun.

The rules used are slightly different, but you do not need to know the mechanics in advance. Furthermore, we are trying to give more importance to the setting (VtM) and the plot than to the system. We have a storyteller and assistants who are the ones responsible to help players apply the rules when needed.

A test is the substitute of dice rolls and can be done using rock-paper-scissors or some other system. In a LARP, most of the situations get resolved without doing any tests. The player acts instead of saying that he or she wants to do something. Of course, if this something entails altering the environment or some sort of combat, he or she would need to call a storyteller or an assistant first.

You would spend most of the time just portraying your character as you would do in a tabletop game, except that you can stand up and move around the venue if you like. Some people may be worried because they cannot act. None of us are actors, some players are particularly good at acting, but that is not the majority (although we like to think it is). The important thing is to just relax and enjoy.

You do not need to be playing *all* the time. If you get stressed or tired or bored, you can have a rest, if you need to go to the loo or to smoke, you can do it.

It is common to use a sign that warns other players that you are not in-character (IC), the usual sign is crossing the index and middle finger. You can also do this in the middle of the game if you –as a player– need a clarification about something, the person you are talking to will understand and explain whatever you need out-of-character (OOC).

If you need more information, just ask. Asking is a good thing. If you have decided to participate, read below and follow the instructions:

Vampire: The Masquerade LARP

Time: 3pm-7pm

Price: FREE.

Registration: Send an e-mail to Stan.twerpen(at)telenet.be and info@v20-europe.com stating:

  1. “VtM LARP”.
  2. Name of the participant(s).
  3. Experience of the participant(s) [novice or expert].
  4. Three clans of your choice among those of the Camarilla seven that you would like to portray. You may leave it up to the storyteller if you wish.

Deadline extended: Saturday 19th of November.


  • Come to have lunch and meet our storyteller and some of the players in advance, you may enjoy the LARP more if you feel familiar with the other players.
  • Be punctual.
  • Dressing up is not compulsory, but it is encouraged.

I V20 Europe Gathering – Additional information

The I V20 Europe Gathering will take place on the 26th of November in Antwerp (Belgium). Each of the activities in the event are independent from one another. You need to register for some activities whereas for some others it is fine to just drop in. Be careful with the deadlines to register in each activity, because they are different.



Time: 12pm-2pm

Price: It depends on where we end up going, but we will try cheap options.

Registration: Send an e-mail to info@v20-europe.com stating:

  1. “Lunch”.
  2. Name of the participant(s).
  3. A means of contact to get hold of you once in Antwerp if possible.

Deadline: Thursday 24th of November.


  • Social events like this where fans from different countries can talk in person and get to know each other do not happen very often and are essential to strengthen the European fan community, so it would be good to join this one!


Vampire: The Masquerade LARP

Time: 3pm-7pm


Registration: Send an e-mail to Stan.twerpen(at)telenet.be and info@v20-europe.com stating:

  1. “VtM LARP”.
  2. Name of the participant(s).
  3. Experience of the participant(s) [novice or expert].
  4. Three clans of your choice among those of the Camarilla seven that you would like to portray. You may leave it up to the storyteller if you wish.

Deadline: Saturday 12th of November.


  • Come to have lunch and meet our storyteller and some of the players in advance.
  • Be punctual.
  • Dressing up is not compulsory, but it is encouraged.
  • If you are new to LARPs and feel insecure about trying some VtM that is not pen and paper, do not worry, there will be a whole new entry devoted to novice LARP players with additional advice before the deadline so that you can make your decision.


Ghost Tour

Time: 8pm-9.45pm

It depends on the amount of people that participate in this activity. For 10 people, it would be €12.5 each. For 30 people, it would be €7.5 each.

The final price is calculated like this: 10 people is €125. Additional participants: €5 per person. We will divide the overall amount between the number of participants to find out how much every participant needs to pay.

Payments can be settled in cash on the day.

Send an e-mail to info@v20-europe.com stating “Ghost Tour” and the name of the participant(s).

Deadline: Saturday 19th of November.


  • Wear comfortable shoes. It’s about one hour and a half walk.
  • Be punctual. If you book it, but miss the tour, you will still be charged.



Time: 9.45pm-10.30pm.

Price: It depends on where we end up going, but we will try cheap options.

Registration: Send an e-mail to info@v20-europe.com stating:

  1. “Dinner”.
  2. Name of the participant(s).
  3. A means of contact to get hold of you once in Antwerp if possible.

Deadline: Thursday 24th of November.


  • Social events like this where fans from different countries can talk in person and get to know each other do not happen very often and are essential to strengthen the European fan community, so it would be good to join this one!
  • If you want to go back to the hotel to change clothes after the Ghost Tour and to dress up for the club, we will need to hurry, particularly, if the hotels are not nearby. As a light/quick dinner is expected, you may want to snack during the previous hours.


“Night at the Succubus Club”

Time: From 11pm onwards.

Price: FREE for V20 Europe fans with a flyer that will be handed out in person that very day to the participants in any of the previous activities. Without this flyer, the entry is €6.

Registration: Drop-in session, no registration needed.

Deadline: No deadline.


  • Participate in any of the previous activities, which includes socializing at lunch time and dinner time, and ask for your flyer.
  • Do not throw away your flyer, as it will entitle you to enter in a special draw.
  • Join the event on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=299721970055323. It is optional, but it is good to make an estimate of the attendees and maybe start to meet other attendees.
  • Dressing up as vampires is not compulsory but it is encouraged. This means you could win a prize if you are the best!

V20 Europe flyer

Note: You do not need to send an e-mail for each activity. Alternatively, you may send an e-mail stating you wish to join us in two activities, and send an e-mail on a different date to join us in some more if the deadlines are not still due.

I V20 Europe Gathering – Game premise of the LARP

Welcome to Antwerp. We built this city.

The stones you walk on, the timber you unwittingly touch, they have all been bathed in our blood.

We are not Brussels, we are not Bruges… We are different.

The moment when you look up and you feel that you finally understand, that’s the moment when the blindness hits you the hardest.

I told you.. We built this city.

Welcome you undead masses. Welcome one and all. The honor falls squarely on these withered shoulders to invite you to a celebration unseen in centuries.

Prince Ivar Midagh, Elder Of the Clan Brujah and known to be Feared, Steeled, Respected, Adamant and Unwavering in the eyes of our sect, would like to bestow upon each and every one of you the pleasure to witness the release of his childe Merlon.

The much respected Master Harpy, Sir Lorenzo Valliente, has been so utterly gracious to hold the festivities in his very own ‘Succubus Club’.

Needless to mention, the premises have been made a temporary Elysium. All laws and decrees are to be upheld to the letter as stated by our Mistress of Elysium, the lady Terwalle of Clan Tremere.

Come as you are and as they say… Leave some of your happiness behind.

R. Dobbele
Seneschal of the Domain
Clan Nosferatu
Well known, Influential and Relentless in the eyes of the Camarilla.

OOC introduction:

We had our first session in ’95.  Sounds like ancient history doesn’t it?

Since then, the Belgian Camarilla had its share of ups and downs. We have seen a few hundred sessions divided amongst a handful of domains and decided to close shop a few years back. In all my years as ST, I never had the feeling that we did the game justice. Sure, we had a few moments where the suspense and mood was so real that the blood went cold in our veins. Yet, we could do better. Maybe we will the 26th of November alongside you, honoured guests.

I was approached by the good folks at V20 to host this evening. To give tribute to a great game, a great setting. To immerse ourselves in a dark pool of treacherous politics and glorious backstabbing. To dance the most deadly dance. Welcome to the Succubus Club.

Have a great time.

Fred Colman & Jasper van Rosmalen
ST Team Antwerp 2011

Contact the ST to participate: Stan.twerpen(at)telenet.be. Please, CC: dhaunae(at)v20-europe.com.

I V20 Europe Gathering

We are pleased to announce that V20 Europe is organizing a Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary party in Antwerp (Belgium) on the 26th of November 2011 to commemorate the 20 years since the release of the first edition of Vampire: The Masquerade.

The idea is to gather as many VtM European fans as possible and have a good time together. If this initiative gets a favorable reception and the experience is positive, we could think on organizing larger events where more VtM fans could volunteer to make it better.

For this I V20 Europe Gathering, there will be several optional activities taking place on that day. Attending this commemoration event does not mean having to participate in all of the activities, it is every fan’s choice.

The 26th of November is a Saturday. We could meet at 12pm to have lunch and make introductions. More information as to where this lunch would take place will be given in the next few days.

From 3pm to 7pm, a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP will take place. This game is meant for LARP veterans and newcomers alike. It will be a self-conclusive standalone game. The maximum amount of players recommended for this game is 40. We would need confirmation of attendance from all the participants before the 12th of November to fit all the plots.

Dressing up is encouraged. This activity is free of charge.

If you would like to confirm your participation on this activity, please, send an e-mail with the subject “VtM LARP in Antwerp” to info@v20-europe.com stating your name. We would put you in contact with the storytellers to proceed further.

If you are unfamiliar with LARPs (Live Action Role-playing Games) but are curious about this VtM activity and need to know a bit more before deciding to participate, please, write to info@v20-europe.com about your questions and concerns. We will provide you with additional information.

After the LARP, we could have a quick dinner and go for a Ghost Tour around Antwerp until 10pm. Ghost tales are usually a nice way to learn about the heart of a city and its history while having a walk with friends.

The core of the I V20 Europe Gathering will be at night –from 11pm onwards– and it will consist of a VtM themed club session called “A Night at the Succubus Club” with music, visuals, performances, and some surprises!

Additionally, the winner of the contest “The Future of V20 Europe” will be announced at the party. If the winner is among the attendees, he or she will be given a V20 book as a prize. Otherwise, the winner would be sent the book home.

More details regarding this event will be released within the next few days.

On a different subject, we expect the arrival of the V20 books in Europe by next week, provided some of the books from the individual European orders have been arriving this week.

As a reminder, V20 Europe needs to receive two bulks for distribution purposes, one of them will be received in Madrid (Spain) and the other one will be received in London (UK). We will keep you posted on any news about this, mostly through the V20 Europe page on Facebook and on Twitter (www.twitter.com/V20Europe). Of course, when there is big news such as when you can expect your V20 book, it will be properly announce on this website too.

For those fans who have not sent their address yet, it is now time to do it, so that we can send your V20 books to you as soon as they get in our hands. Please, do so by writing an e-mail to info@v20-europe.com with your name, address and number of V20 copies ordered as a confirmation.

Grand Masquerade 2011 – An Overview

Two weeks ago, V20 Europe attended the Grand Masquerade 2011 in New Orleans. In the upcoming posts, we will deal with several aspects of the GM 2011. This entry is the first one of the series and it aims to depict a general overview of this convention.

The GM 2011 was the second edition to an amazing international convention organized by CCP/WW in mid September in conjunction with several WoD fan communities (Camarilla Fan Club, One World By Night, The Garou Nation, The Wrecking Crew, Vampire: Elder Kindred Network, and the Chat Community spread across various websites: http://nwod.orghttp://www.immortalvigilance.net, plus others, with a central site coming soon).

At the GM, one can meet thousands of WoD fans, attend panels of WoD developers and experts, play table top games (including exclusive demo games), VTES official tournaments or worldwide plotted LARPs surrounded by striking settings and costumes, not to mention the endless night parties in fantastic venues with music, drinks and an amazing atmosphere where you could breath the excitement and happiness of the fans there gathered.

This year was the 20th Anniversary of Vampire: The Masquerade, so attendees could get their hands on the V20 GM edition before anyone else in the world and learn the secrets behind the curtains of the V20 development process by asking directly to the people involved in the project.

The GM was to officially kick off on the 15th and finish on the 18th (Thursday to Sunday). In practice, it started on Wednesday evening with the Toreador’s Night Out, a pre-GM party event held in the Bad Things Club and hosted by the extravagant Lord Chaz. The music could have been classified as Goth, Industrial and Trip Hop, and there were also burlesque performances to amuse the early GM crowd. Dress code was in place.

New Orleans is the perfect scenario for this event, being one of the most historical enclaves in the US. The atmosphere of the colonial French Quarter enhances the imagination undoubtedly blending with Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles and the iconic Neil Jordan’s film “Interview with the Vampire” (1994). For sure, the French Quarter shall be controlled by WoD fans in the years to come.

Thursday 15th was the Opening Ceremony, presented by Shane DeFreest, Community Developer CCP/WW, and lead organizer of the GM. Soon after the ceremony, artists, developers, writers, and community representatives talked about the 20 years of Vampire: The Masquerade. These panels gave the opportunity to WoD fans to put faces to those list of names in the credit sections of every CCP/WW book.

The Opening Night Ceremony was a dress-to-impress party in the Queen Anne Ballroom at the Hotel Monteleone, one of the most representative hotels in the French Quarter. One could enjoy meeting other attendees to the convention and having their glasses of champagne poured by an aerial silk performer.

While the party was going on, the LARP craziness had already started: the Esbat of the Sabbat (CFC) received numerous players on the rooftop of the Monteleone Hotel, Vampire: The Requiem (CFC) at the Royal Ballroom, and the Camarilla/Anarch/Independent game (OWbN) at the La Nouvelle Orleans West room. Many WoD fans attend this convention to play their characters in these international gatherings of the different clubs for their favourite games. In our case, we portrayed NPCs in the Sabbat game of the Camarilla Fan Club.

Friday 16th witnessed V20 Europe giving its panel about the phenomena of Vampire: The Masquerade outside of the US, in particular, Europe. Other panels talked about the future of White Wolf (moving towards the 2.0 world) or the Making of V20. The most important moment of the convention was the V20 book release and signing event. An impressive long queue of VtM fans waited for developers, artists (such as Tim Bradstreet), all thirteen iconic clan cast members and the photographers to sign their V20 books. It took them more than four hours to sign every V20 book of the fans in the queue!

More table top games for the insatiable, the official US VTES tournament and LARPs were happening at the same time. For instance, Camarilla Princes over the world and Clan Representatives attended the Princes’ Symposium in the Cam/Anarch Venue of the Camarilla Fan Club. It started hours before the challenging Game of Salons where the DeCorazon Caravanserai (a Toreador Salon) was competing against the Tremere Grotesquerie in this first part. More than 500 players attended the game, leaving the ST crew astonished and literally without any more pregenerated characters.

Whereas an exclusive and elegant event of fine wine tasting and World of Darkness Lore took place in the afternoon, the massive and wild Canadian Party was celebrated in the evening. This party never disappoints the attendees due to its endless “booze” and familiarity.

On Saturday 17th (from 10am to 6pm), Vampires, Mages, and Changelings mingled in their eye-catching steampunk attires for the Steampunk LARP organized by The Difference Engine.

It was also the day in which the WoD MMO lead developers (Chris McDonough and Reynir Harðarson) answered the fans questions. We will devote an entire entry in this regard shortly.

The US VTES Championship gathered many players. More panels were presented. The Wrecking Crew kept amusing with its well-structured table top games covering every one of the WoD games and every level of expertise (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced). And again, more LARPs brought by various clubs: Werewolf: the Apocalypse by The Garou Nation, the games of OWbN, or those from the Camarilla Fan Club: Changeling: The Lost, Vampire: The Requiem and Vampire: The Masquerade, featuring the Trial of Verbena, the Giovanni Audit and the second part of the Game of Salons (the Ventrue High Tea Salon versus the Anarch Rave).

Another of the most anticipated GM moments was the Antediluvian Dinner (for Antediluvian ticket holders only) and the Succubus Club night held in the House of Blues in which Shane DeFreest acted the master of ceremonies and Justin Achilli himself as the DJ. Chris McDonough –designer of the iconic green marble and red rose cover and Senior Producer World of Darkness–, gave an emotive talk summing up his 20 years of involvement with VtM.

A breathtaking performance where we could glimpse some of the striking outfits of every playable Clan in the future WoD MMO followed. V20 Europe encourages you to watch such a stunning performance:

Sunday 18th witnessed the Closing Ceremony and the subsequent Dead Dog Party, held on the first floor of the Club 544 on 544 Bourbon St and also at the Hotel Monteleone, where people shared the last conversations and bid farewell to their new friends.

During the days of the convention, you could also attend the Vampire and Ghost Haunted History Tours as well as the Cemetery Tour guided by Lord Chaz. It was encouraged to dress up as your characters with some rewards during the in-game sessions if you had done so, and you could even role-play while being guided through the mysteries and secrets of this enigmatic city.

Undoubtedly, the GM has set New Orleans in September as the paradise for World of Darkness lovers. From V20 Europe, we encourage WoD fans to book your holidays for next year. The passion and professionalism of the organizers will surely achieve an even more spectacular convention in 2012.

Do not hesitate to giving your opinions and expectations. As usual, questions are welcome. If you have attended this year, please let us know what you think. If you plan to attend next year, let us know too!

[Note: The number of non-US citizen and non-Canadians has increased notoriously from year 2010 to year 2011, particularly, the number of European attendees. Nonetheless, V20 Europe still aims for a European Grand Masquerade, but we need the support of as much European fans as possible backing this petition.]

V20 Companion To Be Released Next Year

V20 Europe is packing its luggage to fly to New Orleans, but we did not want to depart without writing a short entry for the European fans.

If you are following us on Twitter, you are probably aware by now that we have been to Edinburgh this week. Although we still cannot tell anything about the reason of this trip, we can say that it shall be unveiled during the V20 Europe Panel at the Grand Masquerade.

We would like to thank every one of you who have left comments for our panel. It is confirmed! V20 Europe will be presenting the panel on Friday 11am local time in New Orleans. We will talk about the World of Darkness phenomenon in Europe as well as about V20 Europe projects for the future. We will upload our presentation outlines for you, most likely by the end of next week.

And now… there are striking news!

At the last GenCon, White Wolf announced the release of the “V20 Companion”, “Children of the Revolution”, “Dust to Dust”, “Werewolf 20th Anniversary”, among others. You can check the whole list on the four-page flyer that they handled at the GenCon.

Baron SamediJustin Achilli is back from the grave! Not only he will be DJing again this year at the Succubus Club, but also he will be leading the open development process for the “V20 Companion”. Achilli reckons he loves the setting so much he cannot reject getting on board on this process. As an open development process, the fans input is going to be crucial. So, a new White Wolf blog is now online to help in the development process of “V20 Companion”. The book is meant to comprise extended information and concepts, but its final content will be influenced a lot by the fans feedback. An outline for Monday 12th September will be online on the V20 Companion Open Development Blog.

In his first post, Achilli has expanded the information as to the Anarch title of “Baron”. Anarchs have always been aside in metaplots and corebooks. They barely were interesting but a bunch of neonates who loved violence and wanted to kick some Prince’s asses. The explanation of the “Baron” title gives the Anarch more depth. One can now freely speculate about the political importance of Baron Samedi besides being the founder of a bloodline.

We encourage you to visit the blog to leave your comments, helping in the creation of a supplement for the V20 book.

Finally, bear in mind V20 Europe will come across developers, writers, artists, photographers and models that participated in one way or another on the V20 book, if you have any question for them, feel free to leave a comment here or to send an e-mail to info (at) v20-europe (dot) com.

V20 Europe attends the Grand Masquerade

Hi European Fans of Vampire: The Masquerade in particular and of World of Darkness in general.

First of all, we would like to thank those of you who have left a comment in our previous entry: “The Future of V20 Europe…” We are keeping a close eye on every one of your ideas. We do not only take notes from your suggestions, but also ponder what will be possible or not for the future.

If you have not yet posted a comment, you are still on time to do so. Do not worry for highlighting ideas that have already been expressed, because it is also interesting to know which of those ideas are the most supported ones. Remember that, by participating, you will enter in the draw for an extra copy of “Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary”, also known as V20.

We will write an entry with a summary of all the suggestions and our point of view in October. And, of course, we will announce the winner of the contest too.

Today’s entry will be focused on The Grand Masquerade: the annual convention by CCP/WW for all the WoD fans. This year the second edition is taking place, again, in the very heart of New Orleans, the French Quarter, from the 15th to the 18th September (only three weeks from now!).

CCP/WW unveiled exclusive secrets at this convention such as the release mouth-drooling details about the World of Darkness MMO they are developing (i.e. this is the very first trailer to the WoD MMO and was released at the Grand Masquerade last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tVlIRX5FMs).

Noteworthy, many fan clubs such as Midnight Dance: A Camarilla Fan Club, One World by Night, The Garou Nation, The Wrecking Crew, or The Elder Kindred Network carry out their main annual events during this convention: live-action roleplaying games (LARPs) with hundreds of players, testing and showcasing the newest games from CCP/WW, the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (VTES) US National Championship, et cetera.

There are amazing parties from dusk till dawn: music, drinks, and endless socialising with people from everywhere who loves WoD as much as you do. The greatest party happens at the Succubus Club: an impressive venue only available for Grand Masquerade attendees with performances and electro dark music (DJed by Justin Achilli himself!).

We are talking about this because V20 Europe is attending the Grand Masquerade 2011. It is likely that V20 Europe will have a panel session at the Grand Masquerade to talk about the WoD phenomenon in Europe and about V20 Europe itself. Dhaunae De Vir and Grigori Vaklos would present this panel.

Therefore, if you wish your voice to be heard at the Grand Masquerade, feel free to post a comment to tell us not only about your WoD experience, but also about what you expect from CCP/WW in the next few years as a European fan. You may also write an e-mail to: info (at) v20-europe (dot) com.

Some of the topics we would like to cover are:

  • How did you hear of VtM/WoD? What year and region/country was that?
  • How easy was to get VtM/WoD books and/or merchandising over time? What you could get on your local shops?
  • What has made you keep interest in VtM/WoD after so many years?
  • Did you notice a rise in female roleplayers in VtM/WoD compared to previous roleplaying games?
  • Have you played in countries other than yours? If yes, tell us about your experience. If not, why not?
  • Do you play with people from other countries online?
  • What do you reckon it is/was most popular in your country for VtM/WoD: tabletop or LARP?
  • Have you played to any of the two VtM-based videogames?
  • What would you like to have speaking of VtM/WoD in the near future: paper books, PDF books, videogames, conventions, merchandising…?
  • Is there anything that you always wished you could tell White Wolf about VtM/WoD, be it good or bad?
  • etc

Once again, it is your turn to answer. Please, feel free to answer to more questions that are not explicitly written here but you consider to be relevant.

Finally, and on a totally unrelated subject: V20 Europe is organising a V20 party in a European city to take place in late November. Would you come? More details soon.

The Future of V20 Europe…

…is in your hands!

Hi, European Fans of Vampire: The Masquerade.

We are displaying here a map of Europe, showing the countries that have ordered the V20 book via V20 Europe in different shades of red. As a reminder, we have ordered an overall amount of 170 V20 books, although the map only depicts the distribution of 168 books.

This is because the destination of the 2 books left is still unknown as they will be subject of future draws.

Many fans have told us they would not want to see V20 Europe disappear after the distribution of the books. They have encouraged us to grow as an European network of World of Darkness fans.

We are pleased to say that we are in the process of setting activities and events for and across Europe. Exciting news will come in the next few months. However, in the meantime, we would like to listen to all of you:

What would you think V20 Europe could do for European fans?

What kind of contents would you expect us to have?

What kind of activities would you like us to promote?

Would you be willing to collaborate more actively?

From all those fans that comment to share their ideas, we will draw lots for one of the extra copies of the V20 book that we have ordered.

PS. If you have bought a hard copy of V20, CCP/WW will also give you an electronic copy. If you have bought it via V20 Europe and are interested in getting your PDF copy, do not forget to send us your consent to give CCP/WW your personal details. More details in the entry below.

So far, 75 consents have been received.