Children of the Revolution – Deluxe Edition

Less than 60 hours left to get your own Deluxe Edition copy of the new cWoD book “Children of the Revolution”. You would need to pledge and claim your very special perks here:

The project is $2,500 away to be fully funded. The goal is $50,000. Additionally, if the CotR Kickstarter project reaches the $55,000, Matt McElroy  of will write an update to the original Red List (the basis for “The Kindred Most Wanted”) which brings it into V20 compatibility. Here’s his description of the project:

The Red List is made up of the worst monsters and vilest criminals imaginable. Compiled by Justicars, Princes and other Camarilla luminaries, the Red List has the names of those deemed too corrupt even for the impure halls of the Ivory Tower. The Anathema are undead who have committed crimes potent enough to make them hunted by the entire Sect. Recently the List has been updated to include new names to replace those who were caught or killed in the last decade. Secret meetings between Justicars and the Camarilla’s Inner Circle have resulted in a fresh look at who…and what…make up the Most Wanted among the Damned.

Finally, this is the link to the CotR open development project blog:

Remember deluxe editions are a one-time opportunity. You still will be able to purchase a regular edition from DriveThruRPG, but the CotR Deluxe Edition will not be released again in the future.

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