V20 Companion Deluxe Edition

Contribute to help give the V20 Companion the same leather bound, embossed, silver edged, full color, deluxe treatment as that of the V20 book:


This initiative has been supported by 40 fans with almost $4,000 within the first 9 hours.

The goal is set $50,000. If it is reached, we will have a V20 Companion Deluxe Edition.

There is a second goal of $100,000. If it is reached, in Richard Thomas’s words: “Justin and I will create an annotated multi-media version PDF of the V20 Companion filled with soundbites, video, and extra layers of text and sketches that detail the making of the book and the choices we made along the way. (Expect a fair bit of sarcastic banter and tomfoolery since we didn’t always agree on direction.) We might also be able to wrangle a guest appearance by our other V20 developer and all-around good guy and LARPer Eddy Webb, with his own insights into making books with such a devoted fan base.”

It is important to highlight this: “Whatever the outcome, we’re using this Kickstarter project to gauge the players’ interest in future Vampire and World of Darkness titles. Using Kickstarter, we’re able to produce books more quickly and deliver them directly to the players, skipping the distribution system entirely. Simply put, if this experiment works, we can make it a business model, and bring you more supplementary World of Darkness material faster, and incorporate your feedback at every step of the way.”

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  1. Oh my god, this is fantastic! *____*

  2. I just pledged 100$ to help the cause…

  3. Lifestealer

    Just gone for the $100 option

  4. I want it but, before making my decision, I need to know how many pages are in. Does anyone of you know it ?

  5. Wow… Thanks 4 the info Dhaunae! I’ve send these happy news further to the polish WoD community.

  6. fuzzy_spiral

    Cheers for the info.

    Will be doing the $100 option as soon as my wages clear into my account next week.

    On a side note, think they totally undervalued the ‘appear in the book as a character’ option. Could have had that at $1000 and I still think all thirteen slots would be gone.

  7. great idea, just what about the people who don’t have credit cards…are there going to be any group efforts on this one?

  8. They added a pledge for 5 buys. This maybe a good option for us. We could organize little groups of fans in each country. They pay but we can help them organize. An email could be sent to all the people who bought the v20, giving them information of this possibility =)
    The 5 people pledge would mean each of the 5 pays 60 dollars instead of 70 for the book =)

  9. They also added a pledge-award for 10 copies, for 550 dollar. Also one credit card owner could maybe create several accounts (with different mails) to collect bigger counts of books to distribute.

  10. Hi,

    just as am considering to organise something at least for germany and maybe benelux. How did you handle the shipping costs for V20?
    (Not those from america to europe, but rather those in europe)

  11. Claudia Vonigner

    I tried, really, I tried.

    But… The cover sucks. Really, it’s bad. “ooooh let’s put a LESBIAN vampire to sell more ! And add in lots of sexual tension” kind of PR really makes me angry and sad.
    The picture is uneven, it’s odd, it feels forced, and it shows the worst that was done in 2nd edition. What happened to christopher shy’s talent ? What happened to Rebecca guay ?

  12. If you order (err support) the deluxe version it should have a black leather cover, so you don’t have to stand the normal cover ^^

  13. I just paid 350 dollar for this, a lot of money but I think it was worth it, now I will get a custom made character sheet with my favorite characters portrait on as well as the elder kit. I really like the fact that we as fans gets to influence the direction that the Onyx Path takes. Already looking forward to the next VtM release. What about you people? What edition did you order? Just asking out of curiosity.

  14. Standard European one .. I’ve considered that one with color-POD of V20 but its too much money …

  15. anyone still looking for a copy of deluxe V20 companion? Whe’ve got a spare one after getting married :) Please mail me if you’re interested

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