Several Hunter and Demon books back in print

Several Hunter and Demon books from the classic World of Darkness are back in print at!

Hunter: the Reckoning Now in Print titles include:Hunter: the Reckoning

Demon: the Fallen Now in Print titles include:Demon: the Fallen

There are also some classic World of Darkness titles available that can be used in any game. Including Combat,Blood-Dimmed Tides and Bygone Bestiary and Mafia.

White Wolf now has over 130 titles in the Now in Print program at DriveThruRPG and more are being added all the time!

  1. I’d vote for a re-edition of all old games, but with the new rules… I find them much easier, but the old metaplot system is something unique! But maybe with time they’ll publish a conversion guide for all the old games to the new system and viceversa ;)

    • You always can use “Translation guide”, there’s one for Vampire on DTRPG, and WW is preparing one for Werewolf. I considered that idea too, but… system is part of a game, even if it have its glitches.

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