Logistics, part 5

First of all, we are sorry we have not been able to post new updates for so long. We have tried to reduce the impact on the fans of the two-month delay as much as possible during a time when we were not supposed to be doing this any more. We are trying to do our best and we appreciate your patience a lot.

Regarding the bulk that arrived in Madrid:

  • The V20 books have already been sent and received in Portugal, France, Italy and Greece. We aimed to get the books to hands of their legitimate owners as soon as possible. These books were sent without the complimentary signed pictures due to a lack of time. We will send those pictures within the next few weeks at no additional cost for the addressees.
  • Most of the V20 books have been already collected from the point of collection in Madrid. There are still 5 book waiting to be collected. Alternatively, you may ask for your book being sent to you.
  • V20 books have been sent to Almeria, Barcelona, Gandia, etc. If you are waiting for your book to be sent to your hands, please make sure you have provided us with a delivery address and a telephone number as a contact for delivery. We are sending the books within Spain via Envialia by default, because it is the cheapest one, but you may choose a different one. Alternatively, you can designate somebody to go to the collection point in Madrid and collect your book for you.

As for the bulk that arrived in London, we still have 4 undelivered books because we do not have the data we asked for: one should go Germany, two should go to two different towns in the UK, the fourth one has been waiting with our contact in the Netherlands for several weeks now and we are not getting any answer from the buyer.

We hope that this situation is resolved promptly.

V20 Europe is working in more WoD related projects, some of them to be unveiled really soon. Stay tuned!

  1. Yay, new projects! Can’t wait to have more news! =)

  2. Will there be a deadline for the buyers who haven’t claimed their books and if the deadline’s over, will you sell them to the highest bidder or something like that Dhaunae?
    We’ve got a dear friend who wanted to get one of the print-on-demand copies but couldn’t get one (she heard from this project months after the deadline – even we didn’t knew her before ^^”) – I’m sure she’d pay a lot for one of it.

  3. Two of those books in Madrid are mine… I’m really sorry, but I haven’t been able to collect them. I’ll get them on Monday, 30th.

    A friend of mine has told me that you have sent him an e-mail saying there are some missing pages in the book… Is this true?

    • We are aware that you are coming to collect the book, no worries. There is no hurry for the fans to go to the collection point as it is going to always be there. After all, it is a pharmacy.

      On a different subject, there are no missing pages in the V20 book whatsoever. I am really surprised about this and I cannot imagine how my words could have been misinterpreted in that way.

  4. Marcin Skupnik

    New projects? Sounds ominous, I like it.

  5. I bet that noew projects are related with V20 Companion and W20 :) count me in :)

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