Logistics, part 4

The V20 books were transferred to us from Customs Spain, not after a discussion regarding its nature. On Thursday, even though when everything they asked for had already been paid, they suddenly decided the items were not books but games, tabletop games. Our contact did finally manage to solve the new issue and the books were given to us on Friday.

That very Friday, Marisa shipped the international orders: to France, Italy, Portugal and Greece. The books have safely arrived to our contact in Portugal this morning. The books to Greece were put on hold from Friday to Monday because they apparently needed a packing slip to be shipped. This issue has been sorted out as soon as it was presented to us today and the books should be on its way to Greece now. We do not have any news about the books shipped to France or Italy, neither we were provided with an ETA from the carrier –Envialia–, but both shipments should be arriving soon to our contacts in those countries.

As for Spain, fans are already being shipped their books, although we have not every fan’s delivery address and telephone number. Additionally, fans living in Madrid can choose to be sent the books or to go to a collection point. This collection point will be open from Monday to Friday, 11am to 14.30 pm and 7pm to 9.30pm. Those are the times when our contact Marisa will be available to help with the V20 book distribution. If needed, Saturday collections could be available on demand.

The point of collection is: calle Téllez, 17. 28007, Madrid. Nearest underground stop: Menéndez Pelayo (L1). This is how it looks like on the outside, so that you know that you are in the right place.

Oddly enough, the collection point is a pharmacy.

Note for those who cannot read Spanish. The slogan says: “You don’t need to be a vampire to hold up ageing”.

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  1. Lol :)

    Cool marketing :)

  2. Genial, estoy como loco por recoger mi libro, es una pena que al final no hayamos podido quedar, pero como bien dices ya tendremos otra oportunidad. Gracias a todos por el magnifico trabajo que habeis hecho.

  3. Nice slogan; are you sure you haven’t paid for it? Hehehe… I can’t wait to get my books. What do we need to get our books? Our names and Identity Numbers?

    • The slogan is registered, but not by me. :)

      In order to get your books, please, bring your ID (DNI) with you –which is compulsory in Spain anyway.

  4. @Dhaunae
    As old-time WoD geek, i can provide riposte on this slogan:
    Yeah, you can also be ghoul, mummy, demon or powerfull mage and everything will be ok.

  5. Still no news from Italy, but we hope everything will be delivered soon =)

  6. I had my copy yesterday from the pharmacy ^^.
    Thank you for everything.

  7. Genial, Me pasaré por el punto de encuentro. Nunca me habrá gustado tanto una rebotica

  8. I’ll go to collect my books on Monday, January 30th, in the evening.

  9. Does Marisa know I have to collect two books? A regular one, and one from the Grand Masquerade. (which I bought from WW and Dhaunae collected for me in New Orleans)

  10. ¿Cómo va el tema del envío a otros puntos de España? Vivo en Gandía, Valencia. Juraría que di mi dirección hace meses, pero es posible que se me pasara. ¿A qué mail os la puedo enviar? ;)

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