The V20 bulk expected in Madrid has arrived!

We arrived yesterday from Madrid and, coincidentally, we have been phoned today by our contact in Madrid to let us know she had been informed today about the V20 books expected in Madrid. Read more to learn about the process:

Customs Spain has used an intermediary to phone Marisa –our contact in Madrid– this morning. They told her she needed to sign a power-of-attorney form. This is the regular way of proceeding in Spain for big imported orders like ours. They sent her the corresponding form by e-mail. Marisa printed it, signed it and faxed it back right away.

Marisa asked how much we would be charged and the answer was we would only be charged VAT, not any additional tax. The legal intermediary estimated the VAT amount to pay would be around €700 as they tried to assess what kind of books those were. Marisa tried to convince them the V20 are only reading books and, after some bargaining, they told her the VAT would most likely be around €170, which is a lot less, so let’s hope that is truly the final amount.

We are now waiting for an answer from Customs Spain. They need to provide us with an account number to transfer the –hopefully– €170. Once the payment is made, they will deliver the books to our contact through a local carrier. We do not have an ETA yet but, as they seem to be acting diligently, we expect the books really soon.

We encourage Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Greek fans to group to keep shipping costs low. It really makes a huge difference. We will contact representatives from those countries as soon as possible to try to arrange something to lower costs.

While writing these lines we have learnt the Brazilian bulk has arrived too.

Update 10/01/12: We received the invoice yesterday night. It is finally €170. This invoice has been paid this morning, so now the V20 books should be delivered to our Madrid contact any moment from now. We expect the books on Friday, but we do not have any official ETA.

  1. Bruno Filipe

    *clears throat*


  2. Claudia Vonigner

    Finally !

    Congrats :)

  3. I’m one of those who wanted to get his book on hand, because I bought both the normal and the Grand Masquerade version (I’m not sure you remember me…) Will it be possible to get both of them at the same time, and not by mail? I don’t know any other V20 fans in Madrid, so I have no way to group with them.

    • For people in Madrid we can set a collection point, so it will not be necessary any fan grouping.

      I’ll send you an e-mail about your other questions right away.

  4. João Mariano

    Our portuguese copies have arrived! Wooo oooh! Thank you for everything. :)

  5. Damn you, Mariano! I wanted to be the one to announce it! *shakes fist* Still, it is true, all four Portuguese books are safely tucked in a box at the feet of my bed, waiting for their owners to come pick them up.

  6. Hi!
    I’d like to have more information about this collection point in Madrid. Where is it and when will it be available?

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