Logistics, part 3

There are 17 fans that have not provided us with delivery details (delivery address plus telephone number). We only have some more hours left to book collections for tomorrow. From 9pm onwards, most carriers will offer collections on Wednesday. As we announced last week on the V20 Europe website, we will not be in London on Wednesday. Therefore, the shippings will be discontinued until we are back on the 8th of January.

If you are not in hurry to receive your book, do not worry. We will chase you for your details when we are back in London and we will send you your book.

To sum up, if you want your book to be shipped this year, do hurry and send your delivery address plus your telephone number to info(at)v20-europe(dot)com. Do not forget to mention whether you would like to pay an extra £3-ish for an insurance cover.

All of the other books have already been shipped or will be shipped tomorrow.

We still do not have any news as to the V20 bulk expected in Madrid.

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  1. Hi, Poland here.

    We just received our part of V20 goodies. Everything is fine.

    Caine bless Dhaunae and Grigori – unholy prophets of Gehenna.

  2. Phil Hattie

    Received my copy on Monday, and its beautiful. The PDF doesn’t give a full feel for the production values of this book.

  3. Jonathan Marshall

    Recieved my parcel yesterday safe and sound…

    Thank you for all your work :)

  4. thomas byrne

    recived my copy last night, thanks a lot. t’was worth the wait.

  5. The Dutch books just arrived in Apeldoorn.

    To the Dutch Fans: If you’ve given your contact details to Dhaunae you’ll be receiving an email from me asap with delivery options. I aim to deliver most books in person since this is the cheapest option for all of you. If you have any questions email me. Pick-up in Apeldoorn always an option

    • oh right…email: evildmxarin at gmail dot com

    • Harm Jan was kind enough to bring my copy to the train station in Utrecht today. I purposely avoided browsing through the PDF, to make the real thing that much more special.

      The cover looks great and I love what I’ve seen of the contents so far. The mix of new art and old favorites (even from 1st edition!) is amazing. I’m going to take the time to thoroughly enjoy this beauty.

      Thanks Harm Jan, for bringing me the book. Thanks Dhaunae and Grigori for all the time you’ve put into getting this puppy into our hands!

  6. Very glad the V20 books are getting to the hands of their legitimate owners in good condition.

    If any fan would like to share with the community a picture featuring your V20 book and/or you, please, feel free to send an e-mail to info(at)v20-europe(dot)com and we will upload it.

  7. Claudia Vonigner

    If someone does not want theirs, I’d gladly have it for a Belgian awesome friend :D

  8. Guy Wilson

    Just a note to say I received my copy of V20 just before Christmas. Hope those that are still without their book do not have to wait much longer!
    Thanks V20 and best wishes for 2012!

  9. Whole bulk sent to Poland arrived and was dispatched by Behey without problems before christmas. Thanks a lot @Dhaunae :)

  10. Marcin Skupnik

    Strange, thought I posted here before…

    Did anyone from Germany receive his/her book yet?
    I’m getting a bit worried, as I’ve sent my info a long time ago.

  11. I got the book!
    Thanks team UK!
    Thanks Harm Jan!

  12. Marcin Skupnik

    Just got my copy. I want to thank everyone involved with this, especially Dhaunae who kept up with my uninformed inquiries.

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