Logistics, part 2

All-Call to German fans

The supportive fan that volunteered to help with distribution of the books in Germany, Malte, does not live en Germany any more. Therefore, he cannot help us with this task. In order to reduce shipping costs, we would need a German fan to receive the 34 books expected in Germany and then distribute them.

Another option, quite feasible, would be grouping by cities/areas. In this case, the volunteer would need to take care of much less books.

If nobody has volunteered by tomorrow afternoon, we will start sending out the books individually. However, some of you have not provided us with a delivery address yet. The delivery companies are also asking for a phone number as a delivery contact. Please, send us your delivery address and phone number to info@v20-europe.com as soon as possible in order to not to delay the shipping process.

General Logistics

Shippings to Sweden, Denmark and Poland have sorted out (except for one person whose answer we are awaiting).

Shippings to the UK are in progress. Some of the fans from the UK have not yet provided us with a delivery address and and a phone number (contact: info@v20-europe.com).

We have been working on the logistics for most books of Ireland (awaiting for the answer from a fan who may be able to bring the books to Dublin with him this week) and the Netherlands.

The rest of countries are waiting for the second V20 Europe bulk to arrive in Madrid. We still do not have any news from this shipping.

Payment for the shipping and insurance cover

Our five PayPal accounts have reached the yearly limit as to the amount of money that they can receive, so they are not working.

We are paying for the shippings and insurance cover and sending the invoices to the fans. We will start to collect the money as soon as we can when we figure out a new method (either bank transfer or borrowing a PayPal account from a friend), but this is not a priority right now.

The insurance cover is optional. Please, do not forget to state whether you want it or not. It is usually around £12 or €14.

Shipping Deadlines

All the books in the London bulk are meant to be picked up by the 20th of December. Both Grigori and I will be leaving London for holidays on the 21st and will not be back until the 8th of January. So, if you want your book, please, send us an e-mail with your delivery address and phone number (contact: info@v20-europe.com). Do not forget to state the number of books and who your are if you are writing from a different e-mail account and/or with a different nickname.


Some people have asked for pictures and there are some nice pictures of the delivery day in London. I will upload them when that does not mean a delay in the shipping process.

Update: Here’s where you can find the pictures of the delivery day in London:

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  1. Ugh. I’d LOVE to help. I really, really would. But I’m moving myself right now and simply don’t have the storage space or time to get 34 books out in time.

    I live in Gelsenkirchen though, it being near Dortmund. I’d be more than willing to take in all the books headed for Dortmund and either ship them from my own place (eating the costs, even, as book-shipments are free in Germany and packaging shouldn’t be a problem) or let the people in Dortmund get them from me at their convenience. That’s the best I can offer right now, sadly.

    • Hi, it’s just a little help but the following are all part of the same group so that you can simply send the five books to one of the group, who then passes them on to the others:

      Andreas Haubrich – Dortmund – 2 Books
      Heimi – Herscheid – 1 Book
      Joel – Schalksmühle – 1 Book
      Tim – Dortmund – 1 Book

      Maybe then we can also reciprocate the offer by Matthäus C., and offer him that his book will be sent with us and we will send it to him.

      • If Matthäus is OK with that, then great. :)

        • Matthäus.C

          Hey, sure. :)
          This should keep logistics even smaller!

          • Great! I’ll book the collection for the six-books parcel as soon as I can. It will hopefully go out tomorrow.

            • Wonderful! :)

              And a great thanks to all the great people from Dortmund and area! Tell me how to submit my address to you, if Dhaunae hasn’t already done so. :)

              • “You’ve Got Mail”

                Hi Matthäus C. hab dir ne Mail geschrieben. Denke alles weitere können wir dann auf dem Weg klären.

      • Just to give my Okay to Heimi, it would be no problem for me if my is send to one of the four people listed here:

        Andreas Haubrich – Dortmund – 2 Books
        Heimi – Herscheid – 1 Book
        Joel – Schalksmühle – 1 Book
        Tim – Dortmund – 1 Book

    • The parcel with your 6 books will be collected tomorrow for delivery. :)


  3. fuzzy spiral

    Can’t remember if I gave an address when I first signed up, if not let me know and I’ll email it.

    Talking of which, its a little late, and I can’t see where the email’s where listed, so a quick recap of the email in reply would be most appreciated.

    • I will edit the post to add the e-mail address, which should be there already: info@v20-europe.com.

      • fuuzy spiral

        Do we have an indication of the P&P costs breakdown btw, and what are the options.

        Never actually occured to me about P&P costs once it arrived, going on the weight of the books, this may actually turn out that it would have been cheaper to pay direct from White Wolf as they would have had a discount deal with their mail provider.

        Regardless have sent my full address, and await info.

        • Packaging is free. We are not charging for it.

          • fuzzy_spiral

            Are you sure our intial payments are covering it though, that might be a lot to cover?

            I’d not like to see folks doing this find themselves out of pocket for all the work they put in.

            If it was all covered mind, then great work on covering all the bases. :)

  4. I don’t know that you are familiar with the topic but there are many problems with books that were sent directly by White Wolf Company.

  5. fuzzy spiral

    Tbh, I’ve not been near the White Wolf site for a month or two, got a new little un at home, so my mind has been elsewhere. Sadly going on reccent info, that doesn’t seem all too surprising.

    I’m not overly bothered mind, just an observation, oh and I’d want some kind of insurance on the cost by the way Dhaunae, forgot to note it on my email.

    Thats why I asked about options, is it going to be sent by Royal Mail, a independant like DHL and so on. Prices can vary quite wildly depending on the company, and the delivery tiers they have regarding speed of delivery and insurance.

    DHL for example is usually overly expensive for a similar service from other mail delivery operators such as Parcel Force.

    Was just wondering.

    • We are using the best option that Parcel2Go offers. Through that website, you can choose from a wide range of delivery companies. So far, the costs for all the shippings we’ve made have been lower than if ordered the books directly to White Wolf. :)

      • fuzzy_spiral

        Ah excellent, nice work then. :)

        • fuzzy_spiral

          On a side note, like a derranged fool I just realised I forgot to note my phone on the email I sent.

          Will send you another after I get home tonight, with the number just in case its needed.


  6. I just stepped up and offered to distribute 7 books (plus my own) in the german north, including:
    – 1 to Hamburg, Andreas Jauss (coming next to Itzehoe in the next weeks???)
    – 3 to Hannover, Christoph Laurel
    – 2 separate to Bremen (Katheryna Mann and Julian; do you mind if your books are sent to Bremen in one parcel???)
    – 1 to Cuxhaven, Replica.
    So, what about HERMES? €4/Parcel (and a single V20 should fit the size and weight for that price), and insurance for up to €500.- included. “Büchersendung” (Book deliverance) does not apply, I’m afraid, as the book’s too heavy (and way too expensive) for it.
    – Andy

    • Hey Andy,
      sounds fine. 4€ for Hermes sounds good. I think one parcel is also okay.

  7. Christoph Laurer

    There is a huge error in there, unfortunately…
    First my Name is Christoph Laurer noch Laurel, and my books do not go to Hannover, but to Koblenz (56068 Koblenz, in Rheinland-Pfalz, that is). Thanks, anyway, AGS, but I think there is no way for me getting around taking the shipment of my books individually.

    • Andy "AGS"

      Heck, you’re right – I switched the two lines that ordered three books. Gerrit’s the one that ordered three books in Bremen. Sorry, Christoph!

      But the error’s only in here in the comments – the mail I’ve sent to Dhaunae just included the cities, not the buyers names, so everything should be cool on the “official” logistic data!

  8. Hi, not want to ‘push’, but any clue on the shipment of the dutch books?

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