Logistics, part 1

Customs UK told us on Friday the books bulk would likely arrive on Monday morning if the clearance was successful. Otherwise, the delivery would be delayed until Tuesday morning.

The 118 books of this bulk will be left here in a pallet. Customs UK specified the pallet would be left outside the house. Each books weights 2.3Kg and we need to move them from the pallet outside to the first floor they will be kept until the shipping is made.

V20 Europe asked for volunteers among the fans from London that ordered the books and four of them have kindly stepped forward –Ben May and two friends, and Chaosoverfiend– to unpack the pallet and move the 285Kg of books to a safe place.

The BBC forecasts sunny intervals and no rains tomorrow morning in London, which means dry and safe books until the process is complete.

Lewis Davies, another Londoner, will not be able to come over to help tomorrow, but he had volunteered long ago to help prepare the individual shipments in the afternoons/evenings.

Harm Jan has offered his help to deal with the books whose destination is: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. We can have the books sent to the Netherlands at a cost of €4.00 per book (through Parcel2Go) and then distribute the books to the countries nearby for an extra fee.

Unfortunately, as convenient as its prices are, Parcel2Go does not collect parcels the size we need in the Netherlands area. We are studying the cheapest solutions. Suggestions are welcome.

Please, find below the measurements of the book (with a margin for packaging):

  • Weight: 2.5Kg
  • Length: 35cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • Height: 10cm

We still do not know about the books that should arrive in Madrid. That is not surprising having on account that during this particular week Madrid has had two bank holidays: one on Tuesday and another one on Thursday, thus, stopping the normal business activity of the city. Our contact in Madrid is alert as to news from Aduanas (Customs Spain).

Let’s thank all the volunteers for helping out the European fan community.

Update: We have been sent a really late message to inform us the delivery will be at 11.30am tomorrow.

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  1. Will the books for portuguese fans be included in the London or the Madrid shipment? :)

  2. Madrid. Let’s see if our contact in Madrid gets us some news tomorrow.

  3. I assume the Danish shipment will be sent to Anders Trolle?

  4. I’d be all for chipping in a few extra bucks to buy some drinks for the awesome people in London. :)

  5. En Madrid estamos a la espera de noticias por parte de la aduana para recoger los libros.

  6. Will there be some discount for multiple books shipping to the same address or the price of the shipping will just be the sum of the single costs?
    And is Italy in the UK shipping list or Madrid’s one? =P

    • Exactly. If you make a local group for one of you to receive the books and the other to collect the books from you, the price is much cheaper.

      Italy goes with the bulk we are expecting in Madrid.

  7. Lifestealer

    Thanks for the updates-they’re certainly appreciated

    • Thank you. As a fan, I would like to be updated as much as possible. So I try to do it for you too. :)

  8. Thank you, you lovely London and Madrid fan-people. If you ever come to Portugal, I’m treating you a cup of the best hot chocolate in my city.

  9. As far as receiving them here in Crete is concerned, I think DPD might be the best choice, but I’m not sure about the price. DHL has also a branch in Heraklion.

  10. Dunny Pollet

    Parcel to Kent out?

    Oh, dear… I’d forgetten I was waiting for the book! Before people tut at me, I was happy looking at the PDF. I also am left wondering how it can be sent to me, since I don’t remember giving you my address. Unless senility is stalking me…

    Dhaunae, I recall paying for the book by bank transfer, and I know the records was there back in September. I’ll work on sending the money that way, seeing as you have PayPal issues.

    I didn’t know it had a special cover, either… which will make the book even more special when it emerges.

    Can I also join the chorus in thanking you for doing this. If V20 hadn’t formed to do this, I think it would have been much harder for all of us. Plus, this has created a nice community. Even though I disappeared into a hidey hole for a while, I am still alive, and grateful.

    PS) I have a habit of being in the hidey-hole and re-surfacing after a while, so this is nothing weird…

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