The V20 books are on their way!

Posting this from the street right now. We’ve just got a phone call from Customs UK. They should be delivering the books in London on Tuesday!

We still haven’t heard about the bulk sent to Madrid. We hope it to be on its way too.

Edit: I wrote the above lines at 15:56pm after we received the call from Customs UK telling us that a bulk of books had been received and that they needed our consent and some details to finish the clearance.

One of the things Customs UK discussed with us was whether there would be some Import VAT charge on the items. Importing books into the UK is Customs Duty, Excise Duty or Import VAT. However, this was not just a mere pocket book order, but 285Kg worth of books.

It looks like there will not be any VAT charge, although I would not sing for victory until next week when we have the books and have not received any payment slip.

This bulk order is meant to be conformed by 118 books.

We are waiting for another bulk order of 52 books to arrive in Madrid, but we still have no news about this shipping. It looks like they had sent the bulk from White Wolf to London without giving us a heads-up, so we too expect this other bulk order any time now without a previous notice.

We know for a fact that this 52-book order arriving to Madrid will have a Customs Duty (a percentage from the item value) and/or VAT charge (commercial samples do not carry VAT charge, so it will depend on the bulk labelling). The cost will be split between all 170 books to be fair as this is a combined European project.

To those fans that have not yet sent the delivery address, please, do it as soon as possible. If you do not, that will incur in delays. Given the circumstances, we will assume you choose the fastest shipping method (which is obviously more expensive) unless you state otherwise*.

If some of you have grouped up to cheapen intra-European shipping costs, please, state so clearly (delivery address, number of books expected, CCing the owners of the extra books, etc) in one go. If you do not, that will incur in delays and/or a raise on the shipping costs.

If any of you wish come to London or Madrid to collect the book in person, please state so as well as a tentative date.

Whatever your case is, please, keep an eye on your e-mail inbox as we might contact you before shipping the book to you and we will need a quick reply.

*We will publish a new entry soon about the intra-European shippings, their costs, when and how to cover them.

Final note: As the arrival of the V20 books seems to be close, we are taking it as our current priority. Therefore, pending posts and e-mails that are not strictly related with the shipping of the V20 books will be postponed until every book has been sent. We are sorry for the inconveniences this may cause.

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  1. Hooray!!!! At last! I might be able to hold this amazing tome very soon then! I can’t wait! Thanks for the heads-up Dhaunae :)

  2. Guy Wilson

    Awesome news! Thanks V20 and Merry Christmas!!

  3. cool, glad they got everything sorted out

  4. Great news! And in time for Christmas, eh eh!

  5. Woot!
    That’s simply wonderful to hear! :)

  6. Bruno Filipe


  7. Wonderful news… I think I spoke to Dhaunae about getting my books in person, but I can’t remember. Is there going to be some kind of meeting to give us the books? That would be awesome…

    • Most Londoner fans will visit my house next week to help me unpack the pallet and bring the books to the first floor where I live. I’ll post a new entry expanding information on this in a while.

      We will meet at some point with the rest of Londoners and other fans are willing to come to London to collect their books. We can also organize meetings in some other cities. It depends a lot on how fast you want the book to get to your hands, sometimes a shipping method will be faster and some others delivery in person will be faster.

  8. Lifestealer

    Shiny! *now has to work out where there is space for it…*

  9. Chaosoverfiend

    Hip Hip, Hooray!

    As previously ,mentioned I live in Camden and am not working currently. You tell me when is best to meet and I will be there.

  10. Claudia Vonigner

    Congrats !
    I am still half pissed because you guys (and all of us who used a buying group) should have gotten our books BEFORE individual pre-orders (you always send in pallets and bulks first, after you worry about individuals), but I hope they will all be in mint shape and everything :)

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