Children of the Revolution – Deluxe Edition

Less than 60 hours left to get your own Deluxe Edition copy of the new cWoD book “Children of the Revolution”. You would need to pledge and claim your very special perks here:

The project is $2,500 away to be fully funded. The goal is $50,000. Additionally, if the CotR Kickstarter project reaches the $55,000, Matt McElroy  of will write an update to the original Red List (the basis for “The Kindred Most Wanted”) which brings it into V20 compatibility. Here’s his description of the project:

The Red List is made up of the worst monsters and vilest criminals imaginable. Compiled by Justicars, Princes and other Camarilla luminaries, the Red List has the names of those deemed too corrupt even for the impure halls of the Ivory Tower. The Anathema are undead who have committed crimes potent enough to make them hunted by the entire Sect. Recently the List has been updated to include new names to replace those who were caught or killed in the last decade. Secret meetings between Justicars and the Camarilla’s Inner Circle have resulted in a fresh look at who…and what…make up the Most Wanted among the Damned.

Finally, this is the link to the CotR open development project blog:

Remember deluxe editions are a one-time opportunity. You still will be able to purchase a regular edition from DriveThruRPG, but the CotR Deluxe Edition will not be released again in the future.

V20 Companion Deluxe Edition

Contribute to help give the V20 Companion the same leather bound, embossed, silver edged, full color, deluxe treatment as that of the V20 book:

This initiative has been supported by 40 fans with almost $4,000 within the first 9 hours.

The goal is set $50,000. If it is reached, we will have a V20 Companion Deluxe Edition.

There is a second goal of $100,000. If it is reached, in Richard Thomas’s words: “Justin and I will create an annotated multi-media version PDF of the V20 Companion filled with soundbites, video, and extra layers of text and sketches that detail the making of the book and the choices we made along the way. (Expect a fair bit of sarcastic banter and tomfoolery since we didn’t always agree on direction.) We might also be able to wrangle a guest appearance by our other V20 developer and all-around good guy and LARPer Eddy Webb, with his own insights into making books with such a devoted fan base.”

It is important to highlight this: “Whatever the outcome, we’re using this Kickstarter project to gauge the players’ interest in future Vampire and World of Darkness titles. Using Kickstarter, we’re able to produce books more quickly and deliver them directly to the players, skipping the distribution system entirely. Simply put, if this experiment works, we can make it a business model, and bring you more supplementary World of Darkness material faster, and incorporate your feedback at every step of the way.”

Several Hunter and Demon books back in print

Several Hunter and Demon books from the classic World of Darkness are back in print at!

Hunter: the Reckoning Now in Print titles include:Hunter: the Reckoning

Demon: the Fallen Now in Print titles include:Demon: the Fallen

There are also some classic World of Darkness titles available that can be used in any game. Including Combat,Blood-Dimmed Tides and Bygone Bestiary and Mafia.

White Wolf now has over 130 titles in the Now in Print program at DriveThruRPG and more are being added all the time!

Logistics, part 5

First of all, we are sorry we have not been able to post new updates for so long. We have tried to reduce the impact on the fans of the two-month delay as much as possible during a time when we were not supposed to be doing this any more. We are trying to do our best and we appreciate your patience a lot.

Regarding the bulk that arrived in Madrid:

  • The V20 books have already been sent and received in Portugal, France, Italy and Greece. We aimed to get the books to hands of their legitimate owners as soon as possible. These books were sent without the complimentary signed pictures due to a lack of time. We will send those pictures within the next few weeks at no additional cost for the addressees.
  • Most of the V20 books have been already collected from the point of collection in Madrid. There are still 5 book waiting to be collected. Alternatively, you may ask for your book being sent to you.
  • V20 books have been sent to Almeria, Barcelona, Gandia, etc. If you are waiting for your book to be sent to your hands, please make sure you have provided us with a delivery address and a telephone number as a contact for delivery. We are sending the books within Spain via Envialia by default, because it is the cheapest one, but you may choose a different one. Alternatively, you can designate somebody to go to the collection point in Madrid and collect your book for you.

As for the bulk that arrived in London, we still have 4 undelivered books because we do not have the data we asked for: one should go Germany, two should go to two different towns in the UK, the fourth one has been waiting with our contact in the Netherlands for several weeks now and we are not getting any answer from the buyer.

We hope that this situation is resolved promptly.

V20 Europe is working in more WoD related projects, some of them to be unveiled really soon. Stay tuned!

Logistics, part 4

The V20 books were transferred to us from Customs Spain, not after a discussion regarding its nature. On Thursday, even though when everything they asked for had already been paid, they suddenly decided the items were not books but games, tabletop games. Our contact did finally manage to solve the new issue and the books were given to us on Friday.

That very Friday, Marisa shipped the international orders: to France, Italy, Portugal and Greece. The books have safely arrived to our contact in Portugal this morning. The books to Greece were put on hold from Friday to Monday because they apparently needed a packing slip to be shipped. This issue has been sorted out as soon as it was presented to us today and the books should be on its way to Greece now. We do not have any news about the books shipped to France or Italy, neither we were provided with an ETA from the carrier –Envialia–, but both shipments should be arriving soon to our contacts in those countries.

As for Spain, fans are already being shipped their books, although we have not every fan’s delivery address and telephone number. Additionally, fans living in Madrid can choose to be sent the books or to go to a collection point. This collection point will be open from Monday to Friday, 11am to 14.30 pm and 7pm to 9.30pm. Those are the times when our contact Marisa will be available to help with the V20 book distribution. If needed, Saturday collections could be available on demand.

The point of collection is: calle Téllez, 17. 28007, Madrid. Nearest underground stop: Menéndez Pelayo (L1). This is how it looks like on the outside, so that you know that you are in the right place.

Oddly enough, the collection point is a pharmacy.

Note for those who cannot read Spanish. The slogan says: “You don’t need to be a vampire to hold up ageing”.

The V20 bulk expected in Madrid has arrived!

We arrived yesterday from Madrid and, coincidentally, we have been phoned today by our contact in Madrid to let us know she had been informed today about the V20 books expected in Madrid. Read more to learn about the process:

Customs Spain has used an intermediary to phone Marisa –our contact in Madrid– this morning. They told her she needed to sign a power-of-attorney form. This is the regular way of proceeding in Spain for big imported orders like ours. They sent her the corresponding form by e-mail. Marisa printed it, signed it and faxed it back right away.

Marisa asked how much we would be charged and the answer was we would only be charged VAT, not any additional tax. The legal intermediary estimated the VAT amount to pay would be around €700 as they tried to assess what kind of books those were. Marisa tried to convince them the V20 are only reading books and, after some bargaining, they told her the VAT would most likely be around €170, which is a lot less, so let’s hope that is truly the final amount.

We are now waiting for an answer from Customs Spain. They need to provide us with an account number to transfer the –hopefully– €170. Once the payment is made, they will deliver the books to our contact through a local carrier. We do not have an ETA yet but, as they seem to be acting diligently, we expect the books really soon.

We encourage Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Greek fans to group to keep shipping costs low. It really makes a huge difference. We will contact representatives from those countries as soon as possible to try to arrange something to lower costs.

While writing these lines we have learnt the Brazilian bulk has arrived too.

Update 10/01/12: We received the invoice yesterday night. It is finally €170. This invoice has been paid this morning, so now the V20 books should be delivered to our Madrid contact any moment from now. We expect the books on Friday, but we do not have any official ETA.

Logistics, part 3

There are 17 fans that have not provided us with delivery details (delivery address plus telephone number). We only have some more hours left to book collections for tomorrow. From 9pm onwards, most carriers will offer collections on Wednesday. As we announced last week on the V20 Europe website, we will not be in London on Wednesday. Therefore, the shippings will be discontinued until we are back on the 8th of January.

If you are not in hurry to receive your book, do not worry. We will chase you for your details when we are back in London and we will send you your book.

To sum up, if you want your book to be shipped this year, do hurry and send your delivery address plus your telephone number to info(at)v20-europe(dot)com. Do not forget to mention whether you would like to pay an extra £3-ish for an insurance cover.

All of the other books have already been shipped or will be shipped tomorrow.

We still do not have any news as to the V20 bulk expected in Madrid.

Logistics, part 2

All-Call to German fans

The supportive fan that volunteered to help with distribution of the books in Germany, Malte, does not live en Germany any more. Therefore, he cannot help us with this task. In order to reduce shipping costs, we would need a German fan to receive the 34 books expected in Germany and then distribute them.

Another option, quite feasible, would be grouping by cities/areas. In this case, the volunteer would need to take care of much less books.

If nobody has volunteered by tomorrow afternoon, we will start sending out the books individually. However, some of you have not provided us with a delivery address yet. The delivery companies are also asking for a phone number as a delivery contact. Please, send us your delivery address and phone number to as soon as possible in order to not to delay the shipping process.

General Logistics

Shippings to Sweden, Denmark and Poland have sorted out (except for one person whose answer we are awaiting).

Shippings to the UK are in progress. Some of the fans from the UK have not yet provided us with a delivery address and and a phone number (contact:

We have been working on the logistics for most books of Ireland (awaiting for the answer from a fan who may be able to bring the books to Dublin with him this week) and the Netherlands.

The rest of countries are waiting for the second V20 Europe bulk to arrive in Madrid. We still do not have any news from this shipping.

Payment for the shipping and insurance cover

Our five PayPal accounts have reached the yearly limit as to the amount of money that they can receive, so they are not working.

We are paying for the shippings and insurance cover and sending the invoices to the fans. We will start to collect the money as soon as we can when we figure out a new method (either bank transfer or borrowing a PayPal account from a friend), but this is not a priority right now.

The insurance cover is optional. Please, do not forget to state whether you want it or not. It is usually around £12 or €14.

Shipping Deadlines

All the books in the London bulk are meant to be picked up by the 20th of December. Both Grigori and I will be leaving London for holidays on the 21st and will not be back until the 8th of January. So, if you want your book, please, send us an e-mail with your delivery address and phone number (contact: Do not forget to state the number of books and who your are if you are writing from a different e-mail account and/or with a different nickname.


Some people have asked for pictures and there are some nice pictures of the delivery day in London. I will upload them when that does not mean a delay in the shipping process.

Update: Here’s where you can find the pictures of the delivery day in London:

Logistics, part 1

Customs UK told us on Friday the books bulk would likely arrive on Monday morning if the clearance was successful. Otherwise, the delivery would be delayed until Tuesday morning.

The 118 books of this bulk will be left here in a pallet. Customs UK specified the pallet would be left outside the house. Each books weights 2.3Kg and we need to move them from the pallet outside to the first floor they will be kept until the shipping is made.

V20 Europe asked for volunteers among the fans from London that ordered the books and four of them have kindly stepped forward –Ben May and two friends, and Chaosoverfiend– to unpack the pallet and move the 285Kg of books to a safe place.

The BBC forecasts sunny intervals and no rains tomorrow morning in London, which means dry and safe books until the process is complete.

Lewis Davies, another Londoner, will not be able to come over to help tomorrow, but he had volunteered long ago to help prepare the individual shipments in the afternoons/evenings.

Harm Jan has offered his help to deal with the books whose destination is: Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. We can have the books sent to the Netherlands at a cost of €4.00 per book (through Parcel2Go) and then distribute the books to the countries nearby for an extra fee.

Unfortunately, as convenient as its prices are, Parcel2Go does not collect parcels the size we need in the Netherlands area. We are studying the cheapest solutions. Suggestions are welcome.

Please, find below the measurements of the book (with a margin for packaging):

  • Weight: 2.5Kg
  • Length: 35cm
  • Width: 25cm
  • Height: 10cm

We still do not know about the books that should arrive in Madrid. That is not surprising having on account that during this particular week Madrid has had two bank holidays: one on Tuesday and another one on Thursday, thus, stopping the normal business activity of the city. Our contact in Madrid is alert as to news from Aduanas (Customs Spain).

Let’s thank all the volunteers for helping out the European fan community.

Update: We have been sent a really late message to inform us the delivery will be at 11.30am tomorrow.

The V20 books are on their way!

Posting this from the street right now. We’ve just got a phone call from Customs UK. They should be delivering the books in London on Tuesday!

We still haven’t heard about the bulk sent to Madrid. We hope it to be on its way too.

Edit: I wrote the above lines at 15:56pm after we received the call from Customs UK telling us that a bulk of books had been received and that they needed our consent and some details to finish the clearance.

One of the things Customs UK discussed with us was whether there would be some Import VAT charge on the items. Importing books into the UK is Customs Duty, Excise Duty or Import VAT. However, this was not just a mere pocket book order, but 285Kg worth of books.

It looks like there will not be any VAT charge, although I would not sing for victory until next week when we have the books and have not received any payment slip.

This bulk order is meant to be conformed by 118 books.

We are waiting for another bulk order of 52 books to arrive in Madrid, but we still have no news about this shipping. It looks like they had sent the bulk from White Wolf to London without giving us a heads-up, so we too expect this other bulk order any time now without a previous notice.

We know for a fact that this 52-book order arriving to Madrid will have a Customs Duty (a percentage from the item value) and/or VAT charge (commercial samples do not carry VAT charge, so it will depend on the bulk labelling). The cost will be split between all 170 books to be fair as this is a combined European project.

To those fans that have not yet sent the delivery address, please, do it as soon as possible. If you do not, that will incur in delays. Given the circumstances, we will assume you choose the fastest shipping method (which is obviously more expensive) unless you state otherwise*.

If some of you have grouped up to cheapen intra-European shipping costs, please, state so clearly (delivery address, number of books expected, CCing the owners of the extra books, etc) in one go. If you do not, that will incur in delays and/or a raise on the shipping costs.

If any of you wish come to London or Madrid to collect the book in person, please state so as well as a tentative date.

Whatever your case is, please, keep an eye on your e-mail inbox as we might contact you before shipping the book to you and we will need a quick reply.

*We will publish a new entry soon about the intra-European shippings, their costs, when and how to cover them.

Final note: As the arrival of the V20 books seems to be close, we are taking it as our current priority. Therefore, pending posts and e-mails that are not strictly related with the shipping of the V20 books will be postponed until every book has been sent. We are sorry for the inconveniences this may cause.