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Martes, junio 22, 2010 4:23
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Ésta no es la entrada que iba a escribir hoy. Pero no quería frustrar a esos lectores tan fieles que entran todos los días. En otra ocasión, me gustaría contar algo sobre mi reciente viaje a Florencia/Pisa o sobre el espectáculo del Wam Bam del pasado sábado.

Entretanto, (menos que) una mínima parte de lo que hice en Italia aparece reflejado más abajo (del [19] al [23]).

Hace veinte días, me creé otra cuenta de Twitter: Dystopic Mind. ¡Podéis seguirme! Es gratis y yo me pondré más contenta.

Copio la descripción que escribí en su día para seguir con el plan vago: “Science Fiction thoughts and excerpts”. No hay RTs ni replies ni #FF ni ninguna otra cosa que no encaje en la descripción.

Y éstos son los twits (en orden cronológico inverso, cómo no). Los he numerado para que nadie se agobie haciendo scroll y pensando que nunca van a terminar (sólo son 31):

[31] As he used to do with his songs, she dedicated the piece of code to his human lover. He wept when he perceived the sweet music on its maths.

[30] In a last act of love, she injected the self-destruction code into her wrist so that she could never again try to kill him against her will.

[29] Automatons, perfect workers, evolved from humans. On a parallel plane, automatons had originated humans, thus perfecting the task of living

[28] A new species emerged from below the ruins of the ghostly metropolis. The fallout had been the amniotic fluid to the hideous insectdroids.

[27] The drug allowing them to breath the over-nitrogenated atmosphere had been formulated by those polluting it in the first place.

[26] Oh, a Newcomer refusing to fight! Let’s say your whole lifestyle depends on what a machine has to say. Would you join the Resistance then?

[25] The dose was scarce for two. Sharing it would mean a slight chance for maybe one of them to survive. But they needed each other to escape.

[24] That tapping from the other side of the door was conspicuously recognizable to her: it was thick nanoblood slowly splashing the floor.

[23] As an educated man, he had never believed in gods. However, those human visitors from the 30th century looked like ancient Greek gods to him

[22] And they did have means to resuscitate a recent corpse. They were able to make someone suffer the ultimate trauma of death up to five times.

[21] Declaring against Bureaucracy was banned and punished with dead penalty. Proving himself alive would just make Executors killing him twice.

[20] Bureaucracy had archived his file as if he was dead. Bureaucracy was always right, therefore he needed to die.

[19] All those wonders, memories of a prosperous age, were to be destroyed to teach the children of Men they meant nothing to any of their gods.

[18] A worn-out curtain covered partially their vision of the nightscape. No wonder how they were supposed to blow up the damn Conical Sanctuary.

[17] When he came back to the bathroom, he noticed wet footsteps on the floor. Some of them were his own and some other belonged to tinier feet.

[16] She gazed hopelessly at her comm gadget. No signal from Δnkh. She prayed the Goddess not to get stuck on that miserable frame of space-time.

[15] I’ve been sent here to destroy those of my own kind. But to what extent is true that they are of my own kind if I’ve never met them before?

[14] She fainted from exhaustion. As a Blood Slave, she was drained daily to replenish her Master’s wasted blood with her nanobot improved one.

[13] She was a CodeBreaker and he was a CodeCipher. Their love was not only encrypted but also entombed beforehand.

[12] Don’t be fooled by its magnificence and apparent perfection! Behind the crystal walls of the immaculate bubble, Citizens dream of fleeing.

[11] That new disease was mining the crew morale. A tic, a fever and you knew you’ll soon be jettisoned to space by your own lads… Only to die.

[10] [PA system] Dear prospective Citizens, leave all your books on the trays. Any Book Bearer found within the Inner Limits will be prosecuted.

[09] While it was hard leaving their homes and the elderly behind, it was much harder knowing that they would never see daylight again.

[08] Inhaling the steam coming from the courtyard, she wondered how it would be like a world with all the comforts and without all those fumes.

[07] They headed to the Archive. They should reach it by midday and get some of those bio-weapons by BioArm that would probably save their asses.

[06] I closed my eyes and concentrated on the calendar sequence. How did this race call today? I’d better remember it or be discovered and dead.

[05] Unbearable constant roaring fans. Stopping them meant cutting off life support, thus killing himself. A tempting idea in the void he was in.

[04] It was never his intention to let his creation go. What else could he do in a world where mechaflesh hybrids had gained self-consciousness?

[03] Caught up in the soft wires tangle, she made her way out by cutting the thinnest cables with her kaiken. Little stabs to the Net’s vitals.

[02] The men stood in an orderly fashion in a one-row line waiting to be sorted, ranked and trashed. Such was the way humans spent their lives.

[01] The machine refused to comply and started to show more compassion than himself. The human then learnt that the advent of a new era was here.

No los he releído (esta vez). Prefiero no tener tentaciones de corregirlos sin la limitación de los 140 caracteres y con la perspectiva de la distancia desde el momento en el que se me ocurrieron. Lo que sí estaría bien es que me dijerais cuáles os gustan más (si es que hay alguno), cuáles menos y cuáles directamente no entendéis. Mi favorito está constituido por un juego de palabras que hasta ahora no ha entendido nadie con quien yo haya hablado.

Detrás de cada uno de esos twits podría haber un relato o un libro. Todos ellos tienen su propio trasfondo y entiendo que, si éste no se conoce, puedan ser difíciles de captar incluso para los aficionados a la ciencia-ficción (lo cual es un fallo mío al twittear, espero ir haciéndolo mejor con la práctica).

Nota: odio quitar los puntos finales para encajar los textos, me hace sentir todavía más paquete que cuando tengo que cambiar una palabra o una expresión a otra peor por falta de espacio.

Escuchando: The Phantom Of The Opera – Nightwish (cortesía de esta lista de @jdiezlopez), Summer Son – Texas (thinking of @grigorivaklos), Only When I Sleep – The Corrs (tribute to @cuentosminimos, que es una fuente de inspiración).

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Amanece ya. Buenas noches, mis apreciados lectores.

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